1st Visit

The doctor will spend approximately one hour with each patient in order to determine the precise cause of your problem. During this consultation, a history and examination will be taken and performed. This examination will consist of neurological and orthopedic procedures. Specialized functional assessments such as gait analysis, postural analysis, muscle testing and functional bio-mechanics will also be incorporated into the analysis. Depending on the patient's presentation, a radiological exam may be necessary for the doctors to rule out any pathology.

Each patient will then have a detailed explanation of all findings and the importance of the findings. It is at this point that the doctor will notify the patient if the clinic will be able to help their chief complaint, or if it will be better managed by referral. Physical exam findings and interpretation by the doctor will dictate the treatment protocol. The treatment may consist of but is not limited to spinal manipulation, acupuncture, self-treatment advice, therapeutic modalities, nutritional and rehabilitation protocols.

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